Comprehensive Beatdown Episode 41 - Critics Corner Jackson Indie Music Week - Part 1

On Tuesday, January 12, Comprehensive Beatdown joined The Rougish Gent and Hood Hippie for a special group podcast as part of Jackson Indie Music Week. Reps from each podcast hung out for a couple of hours around a table (covered in cords and laptops) to welcomed more than 10 special guests to sit and talk about their work in general and Jackson Indie Music Week in particular. We recorded the whole thing, while also hosting a live audience and streaming live on Hood Hippie’s radio station.

Huge shout out to Loki Antiphony for setting up and running all the audio for the event. He is a master.

Order of appearance:

D. Horton

Kerry Thomas

Blacdadi Strahberies


Carlos Danger

James Crow

5th Child

Kelly Nash

Vibe Doctors


Dolla Black