Comprehensive Beatdown: Jackson Indie Music Week 2018


dopeOn Friday, January 12, 2018 several local podcasters got together for a marathon recording session as part of the 3rd annual Jackson Indie Music Week. Reps from Let’s Talk Jackson, Token Talk, Roguish Gent, and Comprehensive Beatdown sat down with a bevy or artists, sponsors, coordinators, and a city councilperson to discuss all things Jackson and music. See below for the run down of interviews.


Shout out to Beau York at the Podastery for hosting the event. Be sure to follow all of the podcasts on



1:30 - Bark

11:30 - Bender (Y101)

21:00 - Reality Breach Podcast

24:30 - 5th Child

39:00 - Just the hosts (Theca Jones, Silent G, Darius Williams, Beau York)

51:30 - Vitamin Cea

1:04:00 – EL.I.BE

1:26:30 - Kamikaze & Melvin Priester

1:52:00 - Dazz and Brie

2:05:00 - Just the hosts (Theca Jones, Silent G, Beau York)

2:10:30 - Jason Mathena & DJ Young Venom

2:17:30 - Winding down with DJ Young Venom