The Pitch Podcast Episode 9: Krystal Gem

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This episode we make Black History and Women's history as we feature creative artist extraordinaire, Krystal Gem. We talk about her inspirations, upcoming work, and why "Jazz" is a four-letter word. 

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The Pitch Podcast: Episode 8 featuring 5th Child

Thanks for tuning in to The Pitch! This episode features local hip hop legend, 5th Child. We talk about how he got into music, his creative space, his inspirations, and why Ice T, while an OG in hip hop, isn't THAAAAAT important (lol)

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The Pitch Podcast Ep. 7 featuring Theca Jones: Rasslin'!!

Thanks for tuning in for another show! This episode features Theca Jones, host of The Roguish Gent Podcast. We discuss the racial and classist stereotypes used in wrestling theme music. It was a very entertaining and enlightening discussion. 

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The Pitch Podcast Episode 6 featuring Dr. Nathan Harper

Episode 6 is ready! This episode features Dr. Nathan Harper. We talk about Blaxploitation soundtracks and pay tribute to the greats, Gil Scott-Heron & Marvin Gaye. Be sure to subscribe to the podcast on iTunes and Satchel. Download the Satchel app and search The Pitch Podcast as well as Comprehensive Beatdown, The Roguish Gent, Pearl River Podcast & others!

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